I was inspired to start a blog after reading about benefits of putting ones thoughts to writing. I’m interested in tech (DevOps, Networking, Linux, Programming etc.) so most of the writing will be on that topic. But who kows, maybe i’ll surprise myself ocasionally
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From Disaster to Efficiency: Automating My Raspberry Pi Setup After SD Card Failure

The surprise On one nice spring evening, I was away from home and wanted to check some of my old photos. I have my photo library service hosted on my lan, which i access through WirGuard VPN when I’m away. As per usual I launched the WireGuard app on my phone, turned the VPN on, but to my surprise the photo service wasn’t reachable. Weird. I played with it for a while restarted my phone, nothing helped....

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Automating deployment for new blog posts with CI/CD pipeline.

In my first post mentioned that i have ideas for improvements of my blog infrastructure. I figured it’s time to introduce them. This will be a write-up of how i automated the process of updating this blog by hosting it as an image in docker hub and using Jenkins CI/CD tool. Setting up jenkins container and nodes First things first, we need jenkins instance running somewhere. I chose to run it on my server in a docker container....

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Recreating a video from captured network traffic

A few days ago i stumbled upon the idea to recreate a video from traffic captured in PCAP file. It may be a common knowledge that this is possible, but it felt like the coolest thing i’ve done in a while. If you’re interested on how it was done continue reading. Capturing traffic For capturing traffic i used a wireshark - a free and open source tool for capturing and analyzing network traffic....

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How i set up my self-hosted hugo blog

Hello World! My first blog post will be about how i set up and hosted my site with hugo, docker and nginx. There are many platforms to write a blog on - you can create your website from scratch or use a wordpress site, you can write on already established platforms like medium or dev. I did’t chose to write on those platforms as i wanted to learn something new. I have heard some good things about hugo and i decided to give it a shot....